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Three photos of Chickens

Rhode Island Red
A very good all round chicken. Laying medium to large eggs and light brown in colour. She is a very hardy hen in cold or hot weather.

Light Sussex
A very attractive chicken laying 250-280 eggs per year. A good all round breed of poultry, adapt well to cold weather and are ideal for free range.

ISA Brown
This breed of poultry, we think, is the best egg laying bird on the market today, laying in excess of 300 eggs per year. An attractive chicken having mostly brown feathering with a cream fleck.

A very popular chicken, the clue to her colour being in the name ranging from lavender blue to dark blue. A very good breed of poultry giving up to 300 eggs per year.

White Star
A good egg producer, giving up to 300 large white eggs per year, very much like the white leg horn.

Another good laying hybrid. Giving up to 300 eggs per year. Not unlike the Maran in looks, she is very easy to keep like most of the popular hybrids.

Sussex Star
Very similar looking to the light sussex, will also give up to 300 eggs per year.

A very attractive bird, not unlike the Black Rock. Again laying up to 300 eggs per year. opinion.

A few facts about poultry
You do not have to keep a cockerel for your hens to lay.
2. More hens kept together will sort out the top hen, this is called the pecking order.
3. The more hours of daylight poultry get the more eggs they lay.
4. They use different cackles to warn of danger and a good food source.
5. The most likely origin of poultry is from Asia, bred over many years from the jungle fowl.
6. Chickens are best kept in groups and make very good pets.

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